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Billy Blues

The story of two brothers dreams becoming a reality.

Billy Blues is not just a bar, a grill or even a building. Billy Blues is two young men’s vision where friends, family and the common stranger could gather for great food, cutting edge drinks, and good times! A place where everyone, no matter what background they came from could feel like family. It started with lists and sketches on napkins, 100s of ideas and loads of passion. Their dream continued to grow as every year came to pass, hoping for the chance to make their visions and dreams a reality. After years of planning, the day came, a faithful promise to each other in July of 1998 to launch their dream by the end of the decade. As fate would have it, Blue was tragically taken in a car accident the very next day. Their dream never faded, but laid dormant.

On the fifteenth anniversary of Blues passing, his brother Bill in honor of the promise they made to each other opened Billy Blues Bar and Grill. Fulfilling the dream of two brothers more than a decade later. The logo, created from sketches on one of those napkins. The name, combining the brothers names. Billy Blues Bar and Grill, a place for great food, cutting edge drinks and good times!

Blue’s laughter and smile could light up even the darkest of rooms, his compassion and heart always brought out the best in all he knew. At Billy Blues Bar and Grill we will continue his legacy of being the guy that everyone wanted to be around. To provide a place where everyone, no matter what your beliefs, background, style, race, religion or choice of beverage can come feel at home and smile when you walk in the door.

We love you Blue, thank you for still inspiring us. 

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